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What would be a good slogan for the cooperative enterprise Hemp Nation ?
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The Cannafair in Düsseldorf was a big succes.  We were there, testing and exploring the latest products and trends.

More recently we drove through Germany for the the Cultiva Hanf Expo in the Marx Halle in the beautiful Vienna.

There is always opportunity to do better and yes, hemp can also help upgrade …

There is always opportunity to do better and yes, hemp can also help upgrade our financial systems, but why hold on to a debt-based (di)vision when hemp can create overall health and abundance?

Why can’t hemp be an indicator for financial stability, ecological balance and nurturing environments? A transition from polluting industries to clean, human and environment friendly operations also creates jobs, jobs and more jobs.

Some examples to incorporate education, inclusivity, social responsibility, technology and overall improvement:

* Health of the land: start monitoring the composition of the land itself with the tool hemp. Hemp is known for it’s phyto sanitizing properties which help actively in cleaning up environmental pollution in the soil, water and air.

Hemp can be used as a rotational crop, restoring the environment as it grows. Hemp can be used as a barrier against water and wind-erosion and heightens the biodiversity in surrounding areas by creating cover. By measuring the composition of the soil, the growth cycle of the plant, and the visual extremities the basis is there to create ecological balanced mapping. Hemp can help us see where the land might become depleted or has an excessive concentration build up.

* Health of the communities: in making communities self-sustainable, hemp is the go-to crops. Not only has hemp a beneficial impact on the social responsibilities, the overall health of the individuals or the creative boost of opportunities, hemp can give hope, perspective and sustainable improvement.

We are talking here about a number of movements: the cooperative (circular) businesses that create a more specialized, on demand quality goods and services production cycle, the industries that take the front seat in developing safe machinery, but also the humanistic and progressive voices that are handed a powerful tool for healing, professional development and self expression. Hemp is an educational group project and there is something to learn for everyone.

* Health of the environment: as mentioned higher, hemp sanitizes the environment while it grows: it captures CO² more efficiently than a forest and we can create superior hemp wood from it … forests can literally be left alone. This creates a great incentive for a more nature friendly policy and mentality.

We at Hemp Nation think there are plenty opportunities with hemp in the main role, but let’s not reinforce a purely economic logic. In stead create opportunity within a cooperative and holistic vision of systems which can learn from and reinforce each other with a eye for the balance of each member and our planet. That would be progress.

There are several reasons why communities should invest in cooperative funds to make them more self-sustainable with hemp as a tool:

Hemp is a versatile and renewable resource that can be used to produce a wide variety of products, including food, fiber, building materials, and fuel. This can help communities reduce their reliance on imported goods and services and become more self-sufficient.

Hemp cultivation is a relatively low-impact and sustainable practice. Hemp can be grown in a variety of climates and on a variety of soils, and it requires fewer inputs than many other crops. This can help communities reduce their environmental impact and improve their soil health.

Hemp production can create jobs and economic opportunities in rural communities. Hemp is a labor-intensive crop, and its processing and manufacturing can also create jobs. This can help to revitalize rural economies and reduce poverty.

Cooperative funds can help to pool resources and share knowledge among communities. This can make it easier for communities to start hemp businesses and to access the resources they need to be successful.

Hemp can help communities to achieve their social and environmental goals. Hemp can be used to create affordable housing, to provide food for people in food insecure communities, and to clean up polluted land and water.

Overall, cooperative funds can play a valuable role in helping communities to become more self-sustainable with hemp as a tool. By investing in cooperative funds, communities can reap the economic, social, and environmental benefits of hemp production and use.


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