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Thank you for your interest in this community. We love hemp and we not just want to share that love … we want to put your efforts on the scale…

Consider new ways of working less, more to the point and with greater fulfillment.  We can help with that. Hemp can help with that.

Hemp Nation One wants to be your automated dream factory, just because it is possible. Because we think your happiness starts in your own backyard, in your own house, in your own street and we see intense cooperation as the way to meet those goals.

So don’t hesitate to contact us with your dreams.
That means we want to support your product or application, considering it has to do with hemp.  

Another community on hemp? 

Not just any other company, a fair and sustainable cooperation with an international network of professionals that sets new rules, driven by people, for people.  By upholding a transparent inner working and automated delegating we embrace the future hands on.  But there is more.  

Hemp Nation One is actively developing new financial means to acquire that specific hemp product. 

Not one community but polylingual diversity.

Hemp Nation One is only one community of a broader movement that translates in all languages as Hemp Nation.  As we invite people to adopt this brand there is absolutely no reason not to use their own language, on the contrary.  Don’t forget part of our search is forgotten knowledge for which old words and customs lead the way.  

Dutch: Hennepnatie
German: Hanf Nation
French: La Nation du Chanvre
Spanish: Nacion Canamo

Here are some of the underlying reasons for this community.

Nature doesn’t get a chance to recover, cf. permaculture
And here, hemp can certainly help.  As a fast grower it produces not only cleaner water and fresh air by removing CO2 and other pollutant from the surroundings, but it creates a place for fauna and flora to recover.

Underexposed technical benefits and abilities of the hemp plant
Hemp is such a versatile plant, there is literally enough for everyone to learn and to experience. We need you, your hands and your brain and your personality.

Contemporary communication lifestyle
As we all drift further and further in our niche of choice it remains interesting to test our knowledge to the experience of others.  We invite you here with a reason, to share your expertise and experiences.  

Our manner of learning
Everybody can learn a skill in half an hour with modern access to the internet.  We learn by doing and by seeing things done.  The internet has also become the most valuable tool out there in spreading information.  

Privacy questions
We are concerned about your privacy and Europe is too, so we take on the most stringent norms for your safety here.  

Organizational power
The new tools at our disposal do demand everybody learns to program their life with the abilities at hand.  This makes everybody a bit of e-a developer.  We do our best to present you with much comfort, but please let’s us know if you can improve anything. Let’s work toegther.

Networking abilities
The modern media are unraveled in their scope and we must keep our vision clear over systems, groups and individuals.   Yet we must not forget that interaction and a healthy dose of criticism helps the cause.